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Our teaching has its roots in the three major schools of yoga of the last century, those of: BKS Iyengar, Pattabhi Jois (Ashtanga Vinyasa) and Sivananda.

The philosophy of yoga and the ancient physical practices of yoga date back thousands of years and these three teachers are credited with delivering this ancient art in a form which has becoming increasingly popular, the world over, in the last fifty years.

More recently there have appeared numerous styles of yoga, each offering a different emphasis; however they are all simply recent variations and mixtures of the yoga taught by these three great Indian gurus.

The style of a teacher or school is a reflection of the study and understanding of an individual on his/her personal yoga journey and although labels can be useful you will find that each teacher offers their own unique blend in their classes.

These are the classes we offer at the Dorchester Yoga & Therapy Centre and at our home studio:


Pure Yoga with Isabelle   Tuesdays 7pm - 8.30pm

These classes include flow sequences based on the classic sun salutations as well as longer held postures. There is an emphasis on the breath and the meditative possibilities of the practice.

Previous yoga experience is recommended before you join this class

The cost is £10.00 for drop-in or £80 for ten classes, to be used within three months on either or both days.

General Class with Isabelle   Monday to Thursday, each morning

These classes are held in our home studio and are adapted to whoever is present. There is a limit of six students for each class which allows space and time for personal attention and guidance. These classes tend to be booked up well in advance, but do enquire if they are of interest.  


Mindful Yoga with Lea  Wednesday and Friday mornings

These classes both take place in Sutton Poyntz. Mindful Yoga places a lot of emphasis on noticing moment-to-moment what is happening. Attention is constantly brought back to the sensations in our bodies, the quality of the breath and the thoughts running through our minds. It is deeply grounding; helping students to be more in the here & now and less on "automatic pilot." It is excellent for stress and pain, for example, and can be adapted for different levels of fitness, flexibility and experience.Booking is essential for the Friday class whilst drop-in is welcome for the Wednesday morning class at the Mission Hall. 


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